The Labrador Club of WA held its first trial of 2024.
The Marie Ewan All Age Stake at Arthur River, Sunday 31st March. Whilst the lack of any recent rains made water access a struggle, we were fortunate to have a stunning cooler day with just 25 degree temperatures.

Our thanks to Judge Eleanor Johnson and Chief Steward Ray Johnson, also to our stewards Mark, Ben, Sally, Allan and Annie. A special thanks as always to Ken the property owner and Ray for liaising with Ken for permission to camp and run the trial on the property.

Run one was a triple mark. The second run was a blind, walk-up mark and a second mark. Third run comprised a mark into water amongst decoys with a double fall thrown as the dog left the firing point.

12 dogs were entered and 3 finishers.

1st RT CH Ellishea Wyatts Leroux UD RN
Golden Retriever handled by Alex Deasey 137 Pts.

2nd Sunhunny Karris Evening Star JD AD
Golden Reteriever handled by Alison Jennings 78 Pts.

3rd RT CH Boomermagic Solar Flare AD JDO JDM SWA RM
Labrador Retriever handled by Maggie Hankinson 75Pts.

Thank you Colin Hankinson for the report and photo

The Labrador Club of WA held its first Novice and Restricted trials for 2024 on May 19
Whilst the lack of any recent rains made water at a premium, we were fortunate on this property to have access to a clean water dam area. Whilst the morning started with a stiff and cool breeze which caught some out the day warmed to a milder 23º in the midafternoon.
Our thanks to Judge Kerry Webster and Chief Steward Ian Molyneux, also to our stewards Steve, Adam, Kirsty, Terry, Anthony, Marleen and Ian Webster. A special thanks as always to Bill and Marnie the property owners and Kerry for liaising with Bill for permission to run the trial on the property.

Mossbank Novice results:-
The first two Novice runs were back to back with a short 2-3minute break whilst moving from run one to run two, some 10meters apart. Then the Third run into the dam water concluded the Novice Trial. 17 dogs had entered with 2 scratching’s we had 15 dogs start and 12 dogs finished.

1st Place Conrhenny Poetry in Motion handled by Alex Deasey 180 Pts.
This win now give Olive her NRD Title, subject to Dogs West approval. CONGRATULATIONS.
2nd Place Wauchope Nip Ov Whiskey QND handled by Eleanor Johnson 178 Pts.
3rd Place Mhadaidh Pips Red Hot Sunrise handled by Anne Cameron 173 Pts.

Restricted Results :
Run one was a mark double rise. The second run was a blind, with a mark “go” bird. Third run comprised two marks into the dam water the first bird being the memory bird. 
15 dogs had entered with 1 scratching’s we had 14 dogs start and 11 finishers.
1st Place Boomermagic Back On Line SWA RE RRD Handled by Maggie Hankinson 175 Pts.
2nd Place Boomermagic By My Side SWN JD Handled by Maggie Hankinson 174 Pts.
3rd Place Conrhenny Poetry In Motion Handled by Alexandra Deasy 173 Pts.
CONGTATULATIONS to the winners and everyone who finished. Well done.
Thank you Colin Hankinson for the report.