Hall of Fame Nomination Procedure



  • To recognise excellence in the Labrador Retriever in Australia.


  • Males (must be a champion) – 10 champion progeny. At least one (1) of these champions to have achieved one of the qualitative requirements.
  • Females (must be a champion) – 5 champion progeny. At least one 1 of these champions to have achieved one of the qualitative requirements.

All disciplines are to be included – Conformation, Retrieving, Agility, Obedience.

Qualitative requirements

  • One of the progeny to have achieved one of the following:
    o Best in Show or R/U in Show at a Labrador Specialty Championship show
    o Winner of a state retrieving trial
    o Winner of a state agility trial
    o Winner of a state obedience trial

A copy of championship certificates issued by the relevant Kennel Council from the country where the progeny reside, will need to be provided in support of the qualitative requirement or data gathered from Pedigree Lookup

An individual dog may only count as one champion even if it is a holder of multiple titles


  • Owners must apply in writing to receive the award and will only be awarded every two years at the National presentation dinner.
  • A copy of the certificate of registration to accompany the application
  • The applicable dog must be registered in Australia
  • The applicable dog must achieve the above criteria with progeny conceived during its lifetime.
  • Dogs of yesteryear are eligible for this award

Hall of Fame nomination procedure:

  • All applications are to be made to the State Club where the owner of the nominated dogs/bitches resides.
  • The Club Secretary or a nominated person will check the application by reference to Pedigree Lookup or other provided documentation and, after validating the information, obtain the approval of the club to forward the application to the NBC Secretary.
  • The NBC Secretary will facilitate the production of an appropriate Certificate/Memento for presentation at the next National Show.

For awards to be made at the Queensland National the names of the approved dogs/bitches must reach the NLRBC Secretary by 10.th May which will give 2 months for preparation and State approval of the application and 1 month for the NLRBC Secretary to make arrangements for certificates/memento.