The Labrador Club of Western Australia (Inc)

Established in 1959, the Labrador Club of Western Australia (Inc) is the oldest single breed club in Western Australia. The club is dedicated to the health and welfare of the Labrador.

We are dedicated to the health and welfare of the Labrador Retriever breed while conserving the original breed function – that of a “working retriever.” A purebred dog offers to his owner the likelihood that he will be a specific size, shape, colour and temperament. The predictability of a breed comes from selection for traits that are desirable and away from traits that are undesirable.


The Labrador Retriever Club of Western Australia (Inc) objectives are:

To promote in every way the general improvement of the quality breeding, exhibition and working of Labrador Retrievers.

To encourage, assist and instruct new breeders and owners.

To educate the general public as to the excellence of Labrador Retrievers as companion, watch dog and house dog as well as water and field dog.

To support and conduct:- i. Retrieving trials and tests for all eligible gun dogs. ii. Shows and exhibitions as may be approved from time to time by the Canine Association of WA Inc.

To observe and obey all laws and regulations relating to the protection and conservation of game.

To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst owners of Labrador Retrievers.

To do all or any other things deemed necessary to promote the furtherance of the Labrador Retriever breed.


The Labrador Retriever Club of WA [LRCWA] is represented by a Governing Body, elected by members to manage the affairs of the club. Elections are held each year in November, with the President, Vice President Secretary and Committee serving a 12 month term. Members of the Governing Body are available to be contacted. The current members are:

Kelly Ingraham


Julia Van Dinter


Courtney Foster

Vice President

Linda Foster


Glenice McClure


Lisa Fowler


Colin Hankinson


Cilla Ward


Tracey Farkas


The LRCWA conducts a number of retrieving trials each year, as well as a championship conformation show (where dogs can win points towards their Australian Championship Title) and an open conformation show (which gives a trainee judge the opportunity to judge our gorgeous breed). Many of our members and their dogs also regularly participate in obedience, agility and tracking trials.

Have you got a Labrador Retriever? Are you wanting to become more involved in the breed? The Committee are looking for people to join the Committee and help run the Club and its activities.