Retrieving Results

Flash Memorial Shield 2020

The final two All Age Retrieving trials for the WA 2020 season were held on Saturday and Sunday 15th & 16th August at two lovely properties near Crossman with kind permission of the owners Bill and Marnie Munday and Michael O’Neill. Despite a dismal forecast for the weekend we enjoyed two days of almost perfect retrieving weather with just a couple of light showers.

The assistance of all those who came along specifically to steward and everyone who offered help was greatly appreciated. Particular mention goes to Ian Molyneux, who is relatively new to the sport and ended up Chief Stewarding for both trials with guidance from Anna Courtman. Fantastic to have the newer handlers getting involved and helping out this season.

Our thanks to Marilyn Dawson who has turned out for every trial this year, rain, hail or shine to photograph our dogs in the field as well as the winners and grinners.

Special thanks to the amazing catering team extraordinaire, Sandra, Kelly and Bryan (SKaBs Kitchen) for their continued support and the delicious menus they managed to deliver at every trial this year, with additional sweet treats from Heather and Lisa this weekend and assistance from Sandra Graham.


Saturday, 15 August 2020 – Labrador Retriever Club of WA – Flash Memorial Shield

Judges – Mr Mike McClure and Mr Richard Courtman

Chief Steward – Mr Ian Molyneux

Trial Secretary – Mrs Anna Courtman

Game stewards – Kirsty Jackson, Dennis Graham, Shaun Gibbon, Rebecca Molyneux

11 dogs entered, 8 dogs completed the trial


1st – Heather Ellis – RT CH Ellishea Wyatts Flash (AI) – 210 pts

2nd – Heather Ellis – GR RT CH Ellishea Just Cussy CM – 206 pts

3rd – Kerry Webster – Brigodee Bow TY N Tux 195 pts

Best Non-Champion (RT) – Brigodee Bow TY N Tux

Best Vetern – GR RT CH Ellishea Just Cussy CM

Highest Scoring Team of 3 dogs:

RT CH Ellishea Wyatts Flash (AI), GR RT CH Ellishea Just Cussy CM & Ozzie of Aberdeen (Imp UK) CD RN AARD ORA

Top score Run 1: RT CH Boomermagic Halloween Hero – 57 pts

Top Score Run 2: GR RT CH Ellishea Just Cussy CM – 60 pts

Top Score Run 3: RT CH Ellishea Wyatts Flash (AI) – 60 pts

Top Score Run 4: GR RT CH Ellishea Just Cussy CM – 55 pts

Thanks to Maggie Hankinson for the report and  Marilyn Dawson for the photos.