Schedule of Retrieving Trials for the 2022 season     

The Committee of the LRC wish you all a happy and successful trial season.  As always, your help is needed to ensure that trials continue.  If you are not competing, please VOLUNTEER to help as often as you can.  Novice handlers, the Club will endeavor to present your results at the lunch break of restricted trials when at all possible, so hang around.

Colin Hankinson

Committee (Retrieving)

Julia Van Dinter                                  Anna Courtman

President                                            Secretary

Ph. 0418 93 0346                               Ph. 0438 012 206          


Novice & Restricted











15 May 2022

Mrs H Ellis (WA)


Mrs H Ellis (WA) 2 May 2022


13 August 2022 


Ms C Thorburn (WA)

Ms C Thorburn (WA)


25 July 2022

All Age

17 Apil 2022

Mr R Courtman (WA)

* Marie Ewen Trial

 4 April 2022
20 August 2022

Mr J Nairn (SA)

*Flash Memorial Cup

8 August 2022

All trials will be conducted under the Rules for the conduct of Retrieving Trials for Gundogs as approved by the Australia National Kennel Council (revised 2019) and the rules of the Canine Association of Western Australia (Inc.).


It is the competitor’s responsibility to check the schedule and forward your entries to the Club prior to the closing date.Entries close on the Monday immediately following the weekend two weeks prior to the date of the trials to:

Mr Colin Hankinson

32 Wallangarra Drive


Email entries accepted to and MUST be accompanied with bank deposit receipt:

Account name: The Labrador Retriever Club of WA Inc.

BSB: 066108 Account No. 0090 4068



A separate entry form must be submitted for each trial accompanied by the correct entry fee.

All entry forms must be completed with all required details, including the owner’s CAWA membership number and signed by the registered owner/s of the competing dog.

The Secretary has been instructed to refuse entries which are incomplete and/or do not include entry fees.

Entry Fees:                 Members:                   Non-Members:

Novice                        $18.00                        $25.00

Restricted                   $20.00                        $27.00

All Age                        $22.00                        $30.00

MEMBERSHIP SUBS – DUE NOW for the 2022 retrieving season

Subscriptions – for the current year are now due: $20.00 – single/double/family or associate


Unless previously advised, this information will be available from Colin Hanknson (  It is the competitor’s responsibility to check during the week preceding the trial.

Please note: Dogs must not be exercised in the precincts of the trial ground without first passing veterinary inspection.  Please keep your dogs in the car until called for vetting.

Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times except in the designated exercise area or when in the hands of the judge.

BITCHES IN SEASON – shall not be permitted to compete and must not enter the vicinity of the runs (refer rule 62).

FIREARMS – The Canine Association of WA has a corporate gun licence.    All competitors are bound by the conditions on the corporate licence and are expected to comply with them.

Any person who wishes to use the Dogs West firearms MUST sign a waiver indemnifying Dogs West against any claim for injury or damage that they might suffer arising from the use of the firearms.  Please contact Dogs West for the appropriate forms prior to entering trials.  Once issued, this document and your CAWA Membership card should be carried at all Retrieving Trials.

A laminated copy of the licence is kept on site at all times.


Any dog which fails to complete any retrieve will be moved to the end of the line and may be permitted to run subsequently at the discretion of the Judge and the Chief Steward, except that in All Age Stakes only those dogs which have completed all retrieves will be permitted to run in the final retrieve.

Competitors are reminded to check correct procedure before withdrawing a dog during a trial (refer Rule 70, Rules for the Conduct of Retrieving Trials for Gundogs).


The Club hopes to be able to continue, as in previous years, providing lunches and other light refreshments.  Any help you can give would be appreciated.  Should entries/site not warrant the use catering, we reserve the right not to provide refreshments, however competitors will be advised.


Trial stewards, helpers in the field, donations of food, trophies, money and any other help you can think of.

PLEASE NOTE: “Private properties used for trials by kind permission of the owners must not be revisited at any time, nor should the owner be approached re access without the prior permission of the property nominee.  Please respect the properties in the usual way by picking up your litter, keeping to designated areas and leaving all gates as you find them.”

As advised by circular November 2009


In all trials, a trophy and sash will be awarded to the winner and sashes and prize cards to the second and third place recipients.

Further trophies may be awarded in special events.  Please contact the Secretary if you are willing to donate a trophy.


These are perpetual trophies to be held by the winner for one year.

Four special events are conducted annually:

  • The Marie Ewen Trial for the first All Age Stake each year.
  • The Mossbank Shield for the first LRC Novice Stake each year.
  • The Jagarian Shield for the last LRC Restricted Stake each year.
  • The Flash Memorial Shield for the last LRC All Age Stake of each year.


The Club has a number of perpetual trophies awarded for overall performance in trials throughout the year and these are presented at the Annual General Meeting.

To be eligible to win any perpetual trophy, the owner of the competing dog must have been a financial member of the Club from the beginning of the current trial season.  Points may be scored at all sanctioned trials conducted in WA which are open to all Gundog breeds.

Ross Ewen Trophy (Labradors only)

Points are awarded to the first five dogs in All Age and Championship Stakes provided that all retrieves have been completed: 5 points for first, 4 for second, 3 for third and so on down to 1 point for fifth place.  All dogs who do not complete the course are marked zero.  Divide the total points for the year by the number of trials in which the dog competed.  In order to be eligible, the dog must compete in more than 50% of All Age and/or Championship Stakes held in Western Australia during the current year.

Labrador Retriever Club Restricted Shield (Labradors only)

Points are awarded to the first five dogs in Restricted Stakes, provided that all retrieves have been completed.  Scoring systems as for the “Ross Ewen Trophy” above.  In order to be eligible, a dog must compete in at least four Restricted Stakes during the current year, except where the dog wins at its first three entries in that class.

Labrador Retriever Club Novice Shield (Labradors only)

Points are awarded to the first five dogs in Novice Stakes, provided that all retrieves have been completed.  Scoring systems as for the “Ross Ewen Trophy” above.  In order to be eligible, a dog must compete in at least four Novice Stakes during the current year, except where the dog wins two novice stakes before having competed four times in that class.

To be eligible to win any of the special event or perpetual trophies, the owner of the competing dog must have been a financial member of the LRC from the beginning of the current trial season and must be a permanent resident of Western Australia.